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We at rajeevphotography.com explore the beauty of this world through the eyes of lenses for you. This site help you to discover wide range of Photographic genre like wild life and bird Photography, Nature Photography, Street photography, Macro photography etc. and also cover  the photography of vivid color of life, the village life, Historic Places, Festivals of India and so.
                     Here you can enquire commercially about photographs at one click, Quality photographs and quick response is the U.S.P. of us. Tutorials about photography and post processing will be added soon
                     We promise to keep exploring this world for you so that you’ll get best photographs all
across this world.

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What we offer

Here at rajeevphotography we offer exiting and true to life photos of wildlife, birds, nature, portrait, macro ,people etc.

Wildlife Photography

we shoot adventurous and vivid pictures of wildlife of India in their own natural habitat covering across many wildlife sanctuaries.

Bird Photography

Shooting birds with camera is not that easy and we make them available on this site for you.. Covering across many Bird sanctuary and natural bird habitats, we offer you exiting photos of birds in action and in flight which will mesmerize you

Nature Photography and landscapes

We capture Nature and Landscape when it is at its best and offer you vivid and exiting photos in this genre . 


This site offers you the best Portrait pics with their true expressions and emotions, both in color and monochrome.

Fine Retouching

Sometimes even the best photographs taken in not so good background, lighting or frame need some correction n retouching and we , at this site offer best of retouching using world’s best software. 

Photo Editing

Here at this site, one can get best photo editing as well as the tutorial regarding it on world’s best software. 

What we love to shoot

  • Wild life animals 

  • Food & Drink

  • Birds

  • Fashion

  • Nature

  • People

  • Travel

  • Health

  • Architecture

  • Arts & Culture

Wild life animals 

Our Team

Rajeev Sinha

Chief Photographer , tutorial guide, Editing and retouching Expert 








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